Most people enter a martial arts club with visions of wearing a
black belt. The realization of reaching that goal can be overwhelming
without proper direction. The instructors at A-West Karate help
individuals set reasonable goals so that a person can make these ambitions attainable. Instead of thinking abouta black belt that may be three or
more years in the future, the focus is on our ranking system which breaks
it down to, three months at a time. Each student is required to test
every three months. At each level the student knows in advance
what is expected of them to reach the next level. Those that learn the importance of these goals can more readily accept some of life's
challenges and learn to make realistic goals for themselves
when there isn't someone there to assist them.
One of the days a
martial artist swill always remember is the one, in which he or
she took their first rank test and was promoted from
white belt to their first colored belt.

A kata, or "form," is an essential part of the traditional
Tae Kwon Do training. Physically, a kata resembles a
compulsory gymnastic floor exercise routine.
The kata pits the student against several invisible opponentsaa
in offense and defense. Students at A-West Karate will learn
a new kata for each belt level and must perform that,
and all previous katas, during each test.

The performance of a kata is anexcellent way of developing
the mental concentrationrequired when executing techniques.

In our Studio, Sparring is a required
testing component from the yellow belt
level up. Sparring allows students to demonstrate
the techniques learned in class in
a closely controlled atmosphere against
another student or students. 

Advanced students will spar against multiple opponents.

Board-breaking only is required for students testing
for junior black belt and above. 
Board-breaking is one of many ways of testing
the power produced in karate striking and
kicking techniques, not unlike bag punching in
boxing or tackling practice in football. 
By the time a student has reached the level
of a black belt candidate,
the ability to break a board generally is assumed.
Even young students routinely
perform this task during black belt testing.
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