Positive Self-Image
Coordination & Motor Skills
Focus & Concentration
Strength & Balance
Channels One's Aggression
Enhances One's Assertiveness
Ages 5 and Up
Great Family Rates
Positive Family Oriented Environment
Convenient Flexible Drop-In Schedule
Best Monthly Rates in Arvada
Male & Female Instructors
Professional Standard
Excellent Program
3 Room Work-Out Area
Personal Locker

We believe all quality sports programs can play a tremendous part in developing a healthy, active adulthood.
This is accomplished by providing a variety of movements that developed muscular coordination.
A positive experience in sports, is an excellent means of building strength, flexibility,
coordination,and most important a positive self image.
Karate is a motor-development and spatial-awareness activity that stimulates an
individual's kinesthetic sense(body movement awareness).
Karate activates play an important part in motor skills development,
providing an excellent foundation for other sports.
At A-West, we produce maximum achievement in a fun, safe environment.

Building confidence for the future where children are our specialty!
We strive to produce maximum achievement in a
fun, supervised and safe environment.


At A-West Karate and Fitness we offer a variety of classes in a flexible,
drop-in schedule for ages 5 and up. Classes are separated by belt levels only,
not by age, so that there are more classes available for your convenience.
It is also great for those, who would like to take advantage of our family plan.     
Most karate studios separate classes by age. In a true life situation,
Would all attackers be the same age and or size?
At A-west Karate, you learn how to defend yourself against all ages and all sizes.

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